Avaximab™ Recombinant mAbs

  • Avaxia has identified the structural basis for the ability of milk-derived antibodies to survive in the GI tract

  • Key characteristics of Avaximabs
    • Stable to intestinal digestion
      Minimal systemic exposure
      Penetrate into inflamed gut mucosa
      Potential for local activation of effector functions
      Oral administration with twice daily dosing and superior with no “black box” warning
      Efficacy comparable to injected anti-TNFs for inducing remission in moderate to severe IBD
      Superior efficacy to injected anti-TNFs for maintaining remission in moderate to severe IBD
      -Longer response time and fewer relapses than with parenteral anti-TNFs (20% per year currently lose anti-TNF response)
      -No side effects that compel cessation of treatment
  • Key structural attributes responsible for protease stability have been defined
    • Chimeric antibodies produced that display increased resistance to proteolysis
  • Analysis and plans for product development and pipeline in place for review

  • Additional details available under NDA

  • Anti-TNF Avaximab Shows Stability Similar to AVX-470 in Digestion by Intestinal Proteases

  • Avaximab-TNF: Neutralizes TNF and is Stable to Digestion